Project Management

  • Contract administration
  • Bid procedure and evaluation
  • Business plan, cost estimating and control
  • Schedule development and control expediting

Civil Structural Engineering

  • Building designs (industrial, commercial)
  • Site preparation and services
  • Heavy machinery foundations
  • Storages, including silos and tanks
  • Steel and concrete industrial stacks
  • Structural analysis of unique structures
  • Large roofs, including dome - type
  • Structure subject to dynamic and vibration loads
  • Vibration and noise control evaluations

Mechanical Engineering

  • Feasibility studies, including environmental
  • Plant layouts
  • Bulk material terminals (marine, rail and truck)
  • Equipment evaluation and selection
  • Material handling equipment
  • Heating, air-conditioning and ventilation (HVAC)
  • Crushers, kilns, mills, presses, screens, furnaces, coolers, etc.
  • Dust collection equipment
  • Piping layouts and stress analysis
  • High pressure vessels

Electrical and Instrumentation Engineering

  • High and low power distribution, including substations 
  • Motor evaluation and selection 
  • Building electrical systems 
  • Industrial and commercial controls