The Shawnessy LRT Station, one of many stations of light rail transit system in Calgary (LRTs) was designed with an ultra-thin canopy roof system that is truly one-of-a-kind. Made with a revolutionary, ultra-high performance material called Ductal®, this structure shows the level of the Strudes' excellence in the field of structural design for transportation.

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Light Rail Transit stations (LRTs)

Calgary, AB, Canada

It has the world’s first ultra-thin-shelled canopy system constructed with the new Ductal® technology and opened the door for architects to create structures that were once unimaginable. The technology called “Ductal®” is Lafarge North America’s ultra-high performance, fiber reinforced concrete (UHPFRC) material that offers superior strength, durability, ductility and aesthetics, while providing highly moldable products with a quality surface. The station consists of twenty-four ultra-thin canopies (5.1 m x 6 m and just 20 mm thick /16′-9″ x 19′-8″ and ¾″ thick), supported on single columns, providing protection from elements while lighting to the platform below. The canopies, curved into two planes, challenged the structural engineer in his design of the canopy shell without reinforcement.

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