Many important players on the metallurgy market have been served by Strudes as far as structural design, bulk material handling and equipment installation and improvement are concerned.

our portfolio

Ship unloading facility, Alouette Aluminum Project

Sept Iles, QC, Canada

The Alouette Aluminum Project in Sept Iles, Quebec, was the beneficiary of the STRUDES expertise that engineers bring with them to every project as they assisted Alesa Alusuisse in the structural design of this unique ship unloading and handling system capable of retrieval at a rate of 1000 tph for alumina and 500 tph for coke materials.

Wolverine Tubes - New Casting Line

Montreal, QC, Canada

Technological improvements in the metallurgical industry led our client, Wolverine Tubes, to install four new casting lines in their factory in Montreal, Quebec. Agreat deal of ingenuity and expertise was demanded of our engineering staff to execute the project on time and on budget as the most was to be made of the existing facilities, while working in a very confined area with limited access for heavy equipment.

Sidbec Dosco now AcelorMittal

Contrecoeur, QC, Canada

Increased demand for steel products lead to a decision to reopen Sidbec Dosco's Furnace No. 2, which was forced to close ten years prior. The economic circumstances which led to the closure made improvements in the material handling equipment necessary. As time was of the essence, STRUDES' experience in retrofits was put to the test. The existing structures and equipment were surveyed, evaluated, and improvements made in the allotted time.