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The cement industry is the essential part of the construction industry. Strudes has been present in the cement and rock industry market since 30 years. Many projects has been successfully managed and completed by Strudes all over the world. At present, we are participating in the realisation of the McInnis Cement Project, located in the municipality of Port-Daniel-Gascons, in the Province of Quebec, Canada.

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McInnis Cement plant

Port-Daniel-Gascons, QC, Canada

Strudes is proud to be the main engineering company who designed this state of the art, “green field” cement plant – Process, Mechanical and Structural. This new plant with a cement production capacity of 2,200,000 MTPY comprises a five stage preheater-precalciner kiln line, complete with Primary and Secondary Crushers, one Vertical Roller Raw Mill and two vertical Roller Finish Mills.

Designed for the northern climate, marine location and environmental protection - all production and storage facilities are enclosed in buildings. Large storage for limestone, fuel and additives are metal “A” type frames, covered with metal decks. Materials are reclaimed by automated, travelling reclaimers.

Clinker is stored in three 40,000 MT capacity reinforced concrete silos. The final product, cement, is stored in four 30,000 MT capacity reinforced concrete silos.

Due to the remote location of this plant, delivery of fuel and additive materials, as well as shipment of the final product (cement) shall be transported by ships. The Marine Terminal is capable of receiving barges and different sized ships, including the “Panamax” vessel.

At the time of preparation for this presentation, the construction of the plant was well advanced, however not yet completed. We will be updating our presentation as construction progresses.

McInnis Cement Plant project web site

Pictures from the construction site.

One million THP capacity cement plant,
Lafarge Canada

Richmond, BC, Camada

STRUDES is proud to provide assistance to Lafarge Canada Inc. in the major modernization of their Richmond, British Columbia Plant. The new complex, with a cement capacity of 1,000,000 tpy, that includes a five stage preheater-precalciner and kiln line, was constructed to replace the outdated wet process plant.

The single dry process kiln was commissioned in May 1999.

Exshaw Plant,
Lafarge Canada

Exshaw, AB, Canada

- In late 1990’s natural gas prices have substantially increased on market. Lafarge Exshaw Plant decided to add coal as an alternate fuel.

Strudes has designed coal receiving, handling and storage. The Coal Mill was installed and pulverized coal was piped to the modified kiln burners

Silo, Exshaw Plant,
Lafarge Canada

Exshaw, AB, Canada

Four (4) Cement silos with interstice. ID=34', H=218', V=737,780 C.F.(left) Homogenizing silo. ID= 12.2 M, H= 45.5 M (right).

Davenport Plant,
Lafarge USA

Davenport, IA, USA

Plant improvements included energy saving projects. At Lafarge's Davenport Plant in Iowa, the cement was previously pumped to silos via pneumatic lines at considerable electric power input and complicated, manual valve distribution for each silo. The new system designed by Strudes included belt conveyors and air gravity conveyors with automatic valve controls. This new system eliminates manual distribution on top of silos and instead is operated from the central control room. Strudes has designed many other improvements at this plant.

Calcium Aluminates Plant,
Lafarge USA

Chesapeake, VA, USA

At the Lafarge Calcium Aluminates Plant in Chesapeake, Virginia, STRUDES engineers were challenged by poor soil conditions, a very high water table, the site being located on a previously demolished factory, and in a very congested area. STRUDES designed a pile supported reinforced concrete structure to support the elevated heavy silos and a steel structure for the packaging and warehouse area. Erection was expedited with the aid of prefabricated steel silos.

St. Constant Plant, Lafarge Canada

St. Constant, QC, Canada

Lafarge Canada's St. Constant Plant in Quebec required the opening of a new quarry as resources at their existing site were being exhausted. STRUDES engineers were able to satisfy their customers needs by completing the project on schedule, within budget and without interrupting plant operations.