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Founded in Montreal in 1984 and incorporated in February 1985, STRUDES Inc. was originally established as a civil and structural  engineering  consultant  firm.

The constant addition of highly specialized personnel led to a quick expansion into other engineering fields.

In 1991, STRUDES Engineers was incorporated in Boston, Massachusetts, as a subsidiary of STRUDES Inc.

Whether your requirements  include  expansion  through new  facilities  and  equipment, or evaluation and modernization of existing ones, we can provide a full range of engineering services including preliminary and final design, contract evaluation and administration, environmental studies, schedule development and site preparation.

The  experience  acquired   by  STRUDES  engineers is  at your  disposal in helping  you  to determine the  most  economical  and practical  solutions  to  your  needs.

                                                                                       Henry Nowodworski, President

"At  Strudes,  we have the  required tools,  technical expertise,  and hands-on  experience  needed  for the  succesful  developpement
and completion of your projects. Our experience enables us to use new technological advances in an efficient and economical manner,
to benefit  of our  clients. STRUDES  encourages  the  continuing  education  of  our  personnel  in order  to maintain  the  high quality
standard of work expected of each team member. Excellence of services remains our first goal in answer to our Clients requirments         and 
for their entire satisfaction."