We are pleased to inform that  Strudes  have been presented with the Charles  Pankow Award  for Innovation honoring our design of the  Shawnessy   LRT  Station.    


 The Charles Pankow Award is the highest award of The American Society of CivilEngineers (ASCE).

To date, this innovative project has achieved the following awards:

2005 APEGGA Summit Award: Project Achievement
2005 ACI Award of Excellence: Design & Construction in Concrete
2005 PCI Design Award: Best Custom Solution
2005 PCI Design Award: Harry H. Edwards Industry Advancement
2005 ASTech Award Finalist: Outstanding Leadership in Alberta Technology
2006 CERF Charles Pankow Award for Innovation
2006 fib (Fédération internationale du béton)/International Federation for Structural Concrete): Award for Outstanding Structure.





The arena roof is oval in plan, spanning 133.6m x 98.2m to thirty six peripheral reinforced concrete columns. In addition to the roof deck, snow loading and mechanical and electrical building services, the roof structure also supports a system of walkways, the press gallery and most significantly, a 400 tonne technical floor grid for theatrical prop support, and the Jumbotron central scoreboard. The system was awarded a Prize of Excellence for Construction in Steel by the Canadian Institute of Steel Construction.