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 Cement: One million THP capacity cement plant

STRUDES is proud to provide assistance to Lafarge Canada Inc. in the major modernization of their Richmond, British Columbia Plant. The new complex, with a cement capacity of 1,000,000 tpy, and including a five stage preheater-precalciner and kiln line, was constructed to replace the outdated wet process plant.
This project started up in May 1999 and reached the designed capacity in less than one month.


 Cement: Silo

The most modern and largest  Cement Terminal  in North America is now being commissioned. This Terminal was constructed on Zug Island in Detroit, Michigan, for Lafarge North  America.  The Terminal comprises  an  eleven (11) compartment cement silo. OD= 106', H=184', total V=754, 46,000-ton capacity silo, ship unloading and rail unloading facilities  and  a warehouse with packing  and palletizing production lines.



 Cement: Lafarge Canada Exshaw Plant, Alberta  

The close proximity of a housing development to
the Lafarge Canada Exshaw Plant in Alberta dictated
the replacement of the existing stack with a much taller
90 m reinforced concrete stack able to disperse gases
at a higher elevation. An insulated steel flue was
installed inside the concrete shell. Construction was
carried out during regular hours without interruption
to plant operations, and the switch-over from the existing
stack to the new one was performed during the regularly
scheduled maintenance of the kiln.



 Cement: Silos Exshaw Plant, Alberta  

STRUDES assisted in many other projects at the Exshaw Plant including newhigh efficiency separators, a new homo silo, partition of a cement silo and a complex of cement storage silos. 
Four (4) Cement silos with interstice. ID=34', H=218', V=737,780 C.F.(left)  Homogenizing silo. ID= 12.2 M, H= 45.5 M (right)


 Cement:     Three  silos,  blending  on demand and Truck Loading at Exshaw Cement Plant, Alberta



 Cement: Lafarge Calcium Aluminates Plant, Chesapeake (VA)

 At the Lafarge Calcium Aluminates Plant in Chesapeake, Virginia, STRUDES’ engineers were challenged by poor soil conditions, a very high water table, the site being located on a previously demolished factory, and in a very congested area. STRUDES designed a pile supported reinforced concrete structure tosupport the elevated heavy silos and a steel structure for the packaging and warehouse area. Erection was expedited with the aid of prefabricated steel silos.



 Cement: Lafarge's cement terminal, Pittsburgh (PA)

Lafarge's cement terminal in Pittsburgh, Pa., capitalized
on it's proximity to the Ohio River, which offered a much
more economical means of transportation than the existing rail system. Fluctuation of the water level of the river was overcome with the renovation of a second hand barge whose deck, equipped with pneumatic unloading equipment, rose and fell along with the water level. Incoming barges, loaded with cement, moved along the stationary barge to meet
the arm of theunloader, where the cement was conveyed by   a piping system to the silos located on the shore. The crane mounted on the deck also facilitated the removal of the cement barge's covers as well as for the lowering of a small bobcat for final cleaning of the cement barges



 Cement: Lafarge's Davenport Plant, Iowa

Plant improvements include energy saving projects. At Lafarge's Davenport Plant in Iowa, the cement was previously pumped to silos via pneumatic lines at considerable electric power input and complicated, manual valve distribution for each silo. The new system designed by Strudes includes belt conveyors and air gravity conveyors with automatic valve controls. This new system eliminates manual distribution on top of silos and instead is operated from the central control room. Strudes has designed many other improvements at this plant.