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 Silo: Cement Terminal

The most modern and largest  Cement Terminal  in North America is now being commissioned. This Terminal was constructed on Zug Island in Detroit, Michigan, for Lafarge North  America.  The Termina l comprises  an  eleven compartments, 46,000-ton capacity silo, ship unloading and rail unloading facilities  and  a warehouse with packing  and palletizing production lines.Three bulk truck loading spouts  and scales allow for a simultaneous loading of three trucks   in  6 minutes each.  The  in-line  blending  system of  a few products allows for a modern cementitious material blending and  loading on trucks.



 Storage: Clinker storage

The largest single clinker storage unit in the world was
built to protect the environment from dust emission
and to improve the quality of clinkers.
This 400,000 ton capacity storage unit constructed
for Lafarge's Alpena Michigan Cement plant
can accommodate six football fields.
The "A" type storage is: 674 ft long, 311 ft wide and 120 ft high
The clinker is delivered by a pan conveyor and
distributed by a tripper conveyor. The reclaim tunnel,
constructed beneath the pile, accommodates a belt
conveyor which transfers the clinker to a grinding mill.



 Silos: Exshaw Plant, Alberta  

STRUDES assisted in many other projects at the Exshaw Plant including newhigh efficiency separators, a new homo silo, partition of a cement silo and a complex of cement storage silos. 
Four (4) Cement silos with interstice. ID=34', H=218', V=737,780 C.F.(left)  Homogenizing silo. ID= 12.2 M, H= 45.5 M (right)


 Cement:     Three  silos,  blending  on demand and Truck Loading at Exshaw Cement Plant, Alberta



 Silos: St-Constant Plant, Quebec Canada for Lafarge Canada

STRUDES design of 2-800 MT. each homogenizing silos, during construction (left picture) and completed (right)


 Barge gravity loading: Joppa IL for Lafarge North America 


 Material Handling: Lafarge's Davenport Plant, Iowa

Plant improvements include energy saving projects. At Lafarge's Davenport Plant in Iowa, the cement was previously pumped to silos via pneumatic lines at considerable electric power input and complicated, manual valve distribution for each silo. The new system designed by Strudes includes belt conveyors and air gravity conveyors with automatic valve controls. This new system eliminates manual distribution on top of silos and instead is operated from the central control room. Strudes has designed many other improvements at this plant.