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Commercial: Light Rail Transit stations (LRTs), CALGARY, AB

It has the world’s first ultra-thin-shelled canopy system constructed with the new Ductal® technology and opened the door for architects to create structures that were once imnimaginable. The technology called “Ductal®” is Lafarge North America’s ultra-high performance, fiber reinforced concrete (UHPFRC) material that offers superior strength, durability, ductility and aesthetics, while providing highly moldable products with a quality surface. The station consists of twenty-four ultra-thin canopies (5.1 m x 6 m and just 20 mm thick /16′-9″ x 19′-8″ and ¾″ thick), supported on single columns, providing protection from  the  elements  and  lighting  to  the  platform below. The canopies,  curved  in  two  planes,  challenged  the  structural engineer in his design of the canopy shell without reinforcement.



 Commercial: Bell Center

 In order to meet the economic challenges of professional
hockey ownership, the Montreal Canadiens hockey club has
replaced the venerable Montreal Forum with a new arena,
the Molson Centre, now Bell Centre located in the heart of
downtown Montreal. The selection of a double tier truss system,
a roof system proposed by STRUDES Inc., provided the required
stiffness, with an unobstructed technical grid area and a
reduction of steel weight, resulting in a substantial savings over
the original proposal. The arena roof is oval in plan, spanning
133.6m x 98.2m to thirty six peripheral reinforced concrete
columns. In addition to the roof deck, snow loading and
mechanical and electrical building services, the roof structure
also supports a system of walkways, the press gallery and most
significantly, a 400 tonne technical floor grid for theatrical prop
support, and the Jumbotron central scoreboard. The system
was awarded a Prize of Excellence for Construction in Steel
by the Canadian Institute of Steel Construction.